Family History

The Hirsch Family believe that there are no shortcuts in life.


The property was purchased

Brothers Eddie and Jack Hirsch moved into the property with a passion for breeding and racing Thoroughbreds.


First ever grapevines were planted

Recognising the land's potential for growing wine grapes, Jack and Eddie planted their first grapevines. Jack, known for his wholehearted approach, led this endeavour.


Inaugural vintage

After years of experimenting with the vines and soil, Jack harvested their inaugural vintage.


Managing commercial wine sales

Jack and his daughter Rosie started managing commercial wine sales to restaurants and bottle shops in the Yarra Valley and Melbourne's inner suburbs.



Rosie took on responsibility for managing overall business operations.


Australia's top winemakers

They transitioned their wine production to one of Australia's top winemakers, Rob Dolan, whose expertise contributed to Hirsch Hill's finest wines.


New General Manager

Ben Hirsch, nephew of Jack and son of Eddie, stepped into the role of General Manager after working in Sales and Marketing for Hirsch Hill.


First winemaker

Hirsch Hill hired its first winemaker, Peter Mackey, with plans to initiate internal winemaking operations.


Winemaking facility

Ben and Peter established Hirsch Hill's winemaking facility and conducted their inaugural winemaking production.

Current Day

Legacy of Hirsch Hill

The Hirsch Hill team continues to uphold the values and legacy of Hirsch Hill, deeply committed to maintaining high-quality standards in their work.

Family Run

We are an award winning family run vinyard

Hirsch Hill has now moved onto the second generation in the family, as we now continually aim to strive towards developing the best wine possible, relentlessly aspiring to improve and expand the Hirsch Hill Brand.

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